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Coasters.. A timeless, ornamental and practical object that has been protecting the cherished (or not so cherished) surfaces of our homes, offices, pubs, cafes and restaurants since the mid 1700's. 

According to Wikipedia - The first coasters were designed for decanters or wine bottles so that they could be slid or "coasted" around the dinner table after the servants had retired. They were in common use after about 1760. Early coasters took the form of a shallow tray or dish made of wood, papier-mâché, silver or silver plate."

Coasters also serve the lesser known intended purpose of protecting your drink from flies and insects or to show that your drink is not finished by placing them on the top of your cup or glass. 

We think that our coasters are far too beautiful to linger out of sight under a good cup of Yorkshire Tea or a creamy pint of Tetley's Bitter but at a generous 120mm in diameter, they are more than capable of keeping the flies and the glass snatchers at bay.


Aside from the practical use, our coasters can also be proudly displayed on a decorative stand or as we often did as children, fired around the kitchen floor as a makeshift puck in a game of lino hockey. 

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