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cnc workshops uk

designs on wood | luxury handmade products |  custom signs

Based in the heart of West Yorkshire, using a combination of modern and time honoured methods we produce everything from simple signs to equisite high end artwork and furniture in a variety of different materials. 
Protecting our environment and our future is hugely important to us. Wherever possible we use reclaimed timber for the products we manufacture but if new material is the only option we only buy from FSC Approved sources. 
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As a  vegan owned and run business we never use materials in any of our own products that have been tested on animals and we don't use animal products of any kind. 
CNC stands for Computerised Numerical Control. It relates to the way a computer interfaces with the machine it is controlling. 

If you are interested in the technology involved and how we do what we do, checkout our info page on the link below.  We also design and build CNC machines for home and hobby use as well as larger machines for anyone interested in setting up their own CNC business. 
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