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cnc - the basics

CNC stands for Computerised Numerical Control. In a nutshell, it's the process of getting instructions from your computer design program into, or onto the material you are carving, engraving or cutting. CNC machines can also be fitted with Laser Engraver/Cutters, 3D Print Heads, Welding Heads and various other systems. 

CNC Axis.png

The simplest machines are based around three axis' that' allow the machine to move in the three dimensions required. The Z axis brings the cutting or engraving bit up or down in relation to the workpiece and the X and Y axis' allow positioning of the bit anywhere on the surface. 

CNC Flow Diagram.png

Mounted on the Z axis, the spindle motor or router is responsible for the actual cutting or engraving. Our machines can be fitted with a wide variety of options from a 700 Watt 1/4 inch palm router up to 4 horse power, water cooled spindle.


Most machines include the same basic arrangement of components parts


The motion of the machine is achieved by highly precise Stepper Motors which are connected to each axis using either Lead Screws or on some hobby machines, Toothed Belts. 

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